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me: *is rude*
person: *is rude back*
me: don’t be fucking rude

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Wait this isn’t MySpace
Jen recently dyed her hair again and you can get the colour heeeeeere:
Manic Panic Hair Dye in Green Envy - $13.99

Wait this isn’t MySpace

Jen recently dyed her hair again and you can get the colour heeeeeere:

Manic Panic Hair Dye in Green Envy - $13.99

Thank you to gayphernelia for tagging me! :)

1. Always post the rules.
2. Answer all the questions asked.
3. Write 11 more. 
4. Tag 11 people and include links to their blogs.
5. PLEASE tell them they were tagged!

1. Favourite TV show/shows?
I looove teen wolf and friends

2. How are you feeling?
I’m okay

3. The last band/artist/group you saw live?
One Direction (I love them ok)

4. What’s your favourite city in the world?

5. Do you like school?
It’s alright I guess

6. Do you prefer cats to dogs?
I’m not really an animal person (I’m sorry! I think they’re cute tho), but I probably prefer dogs that are like calm but friendly

7. Do you like watching sports?
Not really, I do enjoy watching the Olympics when that’s on though

8. Movies or books?
It depends, most of the time books but I do like the movies a lot as well

9. The last thing you ate?

10. What’s your favourite month?

11. Coffee or tea?
Coffeeee even though you’d probably expect me to say tea because I’m British but coffee is just yes

My questions:

1. Who was the last person you texted?
2. Spring or autumn?
3. What’s the best book you’ve ever read?
4. Who’s your favourite band?
5. Do you prefer 90s or 00s movies?
6. What’s something that everybody hypes over that you don’t get? (Sort of like the fault in our stars or something like that idk I love tfios btw not trying to shade it there)
7. How many songs do you have on your phone/iTunes/iPod/something else?
8. Where’s somewhere that you’d really like to visit?
9. How did you find Tumblr?
10. What time did you wake up this morning?
11. On a scale of 1-10 how tired are your right now?

I tag perries-style2011 have-some-shut-the-fuck-up-cakes lovetonightalive awjennamcdougall and i don’t know who else haha whoever wants to do it I guess gooooooo

At there last show jenna was wearing a EAT SHIT Snapback, and wondering where she got it from.? :)

Posted xx

She did just recently cut it shorter

Yep! Saw the photos :)

  1. sammilller said: Her hair has been at her shoulders for a while now I believe, she’s just been wearing extensions :)

thank you for mentioning this :) 

apparently she's just been wearing hair extensions recently and isnt wearing them now :~)

ah i see! thank you :)

Can you show how jenna would do her hair. Thank you xx

I will when I get the chance, I’m so shit at posting tutorials, I can never find a minute to sit down and think about it :( I will try though xx

Did Jenna really cut her hair?

I’ve seen a few recent photos of her with shorter hair, I’m not entirely sure though. Have to see if she posts any selfies :)

Hey first I loooove your blog!!! I'm going to shop in a few days and I need to know what I really need (and what Jenna would wear of course). Thank you. ♡♡

hiiiii! thank youuuuu, i’m happy you like it :) definitely pick up some flannels and normal/ripped skinny blue and/or black jeans, maybe some band shirts or shirts with sort of graphic designs on them. a hoodie or two is good aswell, and maybe a leather or denim jacket if you haven’t got one already. also check out any thrift or vintage stores if you know of any!xx